November 11th, 2016


On this day

11 November 1914

Western Front

Ypres: Some British trenches penetrated by the Prussian Guard, but recovered.

Southern Front

Serbia: The Serbians in retreat; their headquarters moved from Valyevo to Kraguyevats.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

Mesopotamia: British outposts attacked at Saniya.

Naval and Overseas Operations

H.M.S. "Niger" sunk by German submarine.

11 November 1915

Eastern Front

German retreat near Riga.

Russian victory at Kemmern near Gulf of Riga, co-operation of fleet.

Southern Front

Serbians re-conquer greater part of Kachanik Gorge.

French victory over Bulgarians after three days' fighting from Gradsko to Veles.

Naval and Overseas Operations

Transport "Mercian" attacked by submarine; 103 casualties.

Political, etc.

German mission to Greece.

Greek Chamber dissolved; new elections to be held.

Lord Derby warns unmarried men of compulsion if fail to enlist voluntarily before 30 November.

11 November 1916

Western Front

British bombard Germans on the Ancre; French recapture most of Saillisel, and repulse German attack at Deniecourt.

Eastern Front

Russo-Romanians occupy Topalu (right bank Danube) and advance south.

Southern Front

Serbs seize Polog village.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

British air raid on Beersheba and Maghdaba (100 miles east of Ismailia).

11 November 1917

Western Front

Heavy rain; enemy artillery active against new positions on Passchendaele ridge.

German repulsed at Hartmannsweilerkopf.

Southern Front

From Belluno Austrians advance down the Piave towards Feltre.

They renew attacks on Asiago Plateau without success.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

Turks organise new line of defence covering Jerusalem and Hebron.

Naval and Overseas Operations

In East Africa two British columns meet at Ndonda, Germans flee to hills near Portuguese border.

Political, etc.

Reports from Petrograd of disorder spreading; Kerenski's forces reach Tsarskoe Selo.

11 November 1918

Western Front

British capture Mons before dawn.

Armistice signed at 5 am.  Hostilities on all fronts cease at 11 am.

End of the Battle of the Sambre.

British front extends about 60 miles from near Montbliart (east of Avesnes) to just north of Grammont; held from south to north by Fourth, First, Fifth and Second Armies.  Positions unchanged until 17 November.

Eastern Front

British recognise Lettish Government as independent.

New National Government in Estonia orders general mobilisation.

Polish Directorate established at Warsaw; Regency Council deposed.

Political, etc.

Appeal of Dr. Solf, German Foreign Minister, to President Wilson for mitigation of armistice terms.

Abdication of Grand Dukes of Hesse, Mecklenburg and Saxe-Weimar.  King of Saxony and Grand Duke of Oldenburg dethroned.

German Socialist Coalition Ministry formed.

Message of King George to British Empire.

Great rejoicings in England.

Speech of President Wilson at Washington.

Expulsion of Bolshevist Mission from Switzerland.

Source: Chronology of the War (1914-18, London; copyright expired)

So many dead; some have graves, some are still on the field.