October 12th, 2016

happy den

Cheesy Comestible Score!

I hit Woolworths early, and found a bunch of cheeses in the "Reduced To Clear" fridge. So I cleared it out.

4 wheels x President brand double brie $3 each (was $8 each)
1 wheel x Flinders Estate Ash Brie $3.50 (was $9)
2 wedges x King Island Blue $3 each (was $6 each)

That's $45 of cheesy goodness for $18.50. These plus the block of Mainland Vintage makes my fridge smell like a dairy.

Phase 2: More beers.

Speaking of dairy, I also picked up a reduced-to-clear 2 litre bottle of Little Big Dairy chocolate milk. (Ingredients: Milk, Chocolate syrup, raw sugar.) Little Big Dairy is a local company who sell at the Farmer's Market. It's very good milk.
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