September 8th, 2016

happy den

New Laptop

My poor old Asus Zen is finally failing - the membrane keyboard is not registering most key presses. It has served me well for 5 years, and has been around the world with me quite a few times. It's tiny size and low weight made it a good travel computer.

So I hit Harvey Norman to see about their deals, and walked away with a Lenovo Yoga. 250GB SSD and 16GB RAM, touch-screen, Intel i5 CPU, Win10. It was the last in the store - a demo unit on the shelf - so the guy knocked $200 off the price, and threw in a little protective carry case worth $40.

The screen of the Yoga can flip right over to turn it from a laptop to a touch tab. and the aluminium & carbon fibre build means it is lighter than the Zen while being a little larger.

New travel computer!
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