September 4th, 2016


Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 183: Single Fin Summer Ale

Gage Road Single Fin Summer Ale

Pours a slightly cloudy, pale gold colour with a small head.

First Sip: Strong bready malts and grapefruit citrus, with a mild hops that linger long after the swallow. Mouth feel is medium with a light carbonation tingle on the tongue. Nice beer burp.

This summer ale goes down very easily, and quite quickly. It's a great hot weather beer, and good to drink any time - even on damp late-autumn days like today. I don't find myself drinking it in sips. I seem to be drinking it in big gulps and enjoying a mouthful of malts and grapefruit flavours. It's nice - almost a yummy ale. I found this bottle in the cheap bin at Dan Murphy's, reduced to $1 per bottle because it's almost at the best before date. That was $1 well spent, I can tell you. It also goes brilliantly with really cheap blue-vein cheese found in the "Reduced To Clear" fridge at Woolworths. ($2, reduced from $8. What's it going to do after the Best Before date? Go moldy?)

Single Fin Summer Ale
Gage Roads Brewing Co., Palmyra Western Australia
4.5% alc/vol
330ml Bottle

Gage Road Single Fin Summer Ale

Same again, sir? Yes please!