June 23rd, 2014


Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 144: White Rabbit White Ale

White Rabbit White Ale

Pours a very pale, slightly cloudy yellow with a medium head, which fades away slowly to a thick lacing.

First Sip: Some citrus up front, with a very mild grainy malt. After-taste is slightly lemony, and a bit fruity, with a very, very, very faint hops. Nice carbonation tingle on the tongue, but mouth-feel is a little thin.

There is not a lot of taste going on here, but it is still okay. This is quite refreshing, one to drink on a very hot day - not so good on a cold winter's June day. I think it would be best drunk on a hot summer's Christmas Day, while you wait for the BBQ sausages to finish cooking. Nibbling cheese and crisps and drinking this beer under the A/C sounds highly appealing. I think I could do that all day.

(Full disclosure: A farmhouse cheddar did assist in writing this review)

White Rabbit White Ale (Belgian White Ale)
White Rabbit Brewery Interesting front page!
4.5% alc/vol
330ml bottle

White Rabbit White Ale

Same again, sir? Yes.