May 2nd, 2012


Day 25 - Last Day

And so here I am at the last full day in England. I have just had a long late breakfast and will soon head off to somewhere local - probably Wimpole Hall.

All the rain that fell over the last week has caused the River Ouse to flood. Now I know what a "water meadow" looks like.

We fly out tomorrow. Bugger.
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I can't move.

Dinner at The Hoseshoe in Offord Darcy. I had a fillet steak and chips, and a pint of Adnams Gunhill. It was all so very good.

I have had a gut-full.

Today was an easy day. We went to Wimpole Hall and explored the house, then we wandered the garden for a while.

Aaron wanted a pair of good headphnes of a particulr brand, so we shot up to HMV at Peterborough. But they didn't have black. Pink, green, purple or white, but no black. He didn't buy them.

And back to Offord. This is the last night in the UK.