March 26th, 2012


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That was a long drive.

I left Eucla at sunrise and headed East. It wasn't long before I was cruising the high slopes above the Bight. At this point the fall to the sea is a very steep dune, not the sheer cliffs you see in photos.

In 12km I was in South Australia and the Nullabor Park. At first the land was covered in low trees, grey shrubs and yellow grass, but around Nullabor Village the trees failed and it was the endless grassy plain you see in photos. The Nullabor itself only takes an hour-ish to drive across, then you are back in the low trees. I wish I weren't on a time-table, or I'd have taken the side roads to look at things.

Dingos were hunting on the side of the road. I considered stopping to take photos, but dingos are DOGGY the way a grizzly bear is Winnie-The-Pooh. They are dangerous animals, and so I didn't stop.

Around Yalata the first signs of farming show, and then it's the huge stations that do dryland farming and sheep.

And then the long, long drive to Port Augusta, where I think I got the last vacant room in town. I passed through Kimba, which has a sign announcing that I was half way across Australia. Hooray! Almost home!