March 24th, 2012


West to East. Day 1

Today I drove here. I knew I was heading for the Bush when I hit the Roe Highway, and the GPS said "Next Turn: 537km" Other drivers waved to me once I hit the serious Bush past Northem. I thought it odd, but after a stretch of driving without seeing another vehicle for 60 minutes, I started waving. I was releaved that I wasn't stuck in a "The Quiet Earth" moment and was the last human alive.

I had an "Oh Bugger" moment when I realised I'd passed through Meckering without stopping to look at the Earthquake monument.

Meckering Fault, 1968


FM radio failed not far from Perth but I could listen to ABC AM Talk Radio. It was good up to 10am, then they switched to All Sports All Day, and this is Western Austraia so all the sport was all AFL. Hooray for ASUS! The cheap USB speakers I bought from Harvey Norman were loud enough, and Zenbook gave me 5 hours of mp3 goodness.

I diverted a little to Kalgoorlie to look at the Superpit: a a gold mine hole in the ground 1300m long x 1000m wide x 500m deep. It's huge, which really does not convey the hugeness of the hole. I paused to dial up Google Maps to find the Superpit lookout, and discovered one advantage of having the country's largest gold mine next door: 4G signal, 5 bars. Google Maps satelite image loaded in less than 1/2 a second.

And so to Norseman. The motel is nice and tidy, but the room looks like the concrete walls were poured into moulds on the ground then stood in place so a room could be built in the gap between walls. At least I get a queen-sized bed.

Early night. Early start tomorrow.