March 22nd, 2012



Well, Fremantle actually. Spent all day getting things fixed and running, and by 4pm we had a machine that would spray water onto trucks and containers. It was rather impressive to see 4000 litres of water per minute rise vertically from the ground and strike the roof of the shed 6m above.

I can't really say where I am working exactly due to Customs regulations and the close proximity to the Submarine base. OOH WHAT A GIVE-AWAY.

Tomorrow is testing, commissioning, then hand-over. And maybe some time off.

I bought a pair of USB-owered speakers so I can play mp3 on the drive home. I have an inverter to run the Zenbook for the long drive home. So I am set! Roll on Saturday.

Right now we are getting ready to head into "Freo" for some really fresh fish and chips at Ciccero's on the wharf.


We didn't make Ciccerellos. Fish and Chips were bought from Kailis. Steve ordered a "Traditional Fish & Chips" which he declared coud not be traditional becuase it tasted too good. I ordered a fish & squid (and chips) which was very nice.

We ate on the boardwalk on the edge of the harbour accross from some of the fishing fleet; Miss Raylee, M.I.S Prospero, Ca-Den.

THe food was very good. The ginger beer was cold. The night was warm. I am happy.