March 4th, 2012



- Mum went into Hospital on Friday for a hernia operation*. I picked her up from the hospital this morning. She is tired and doing well, and resting at home. The surgeon told mum that the hernia was one of the largest he'd ever seen, so I don't know how long Mum had been putting up with it. She is one of these "Mustn't grumble" types.

- Instead of being at the hospital on Friday, I was driving to Sydney with steve3 for meetings. It rained all the way down, all the time we were there, and all the way home as far as Bathurst, where the Police closed the highway due to flooding. We back-tracked to Lithgow, then took a short-cut through Wallarawang and then home via Mudgee. The drive took 7 hours. It rained all the way. Sheets of water covered the road in many places and the Lexus' traction control system kicked is quite a few times.

- I released the Peewees today. They are treating the garden as an extension of the cage floor and wondering where this water falling on them is coming from. They spent 2 weeks in the large aviary and were getting quite wild. They also love the meal worms I threw on the floor of the cage, so now they are tearing up the garden mulch and grumbling about the lack of said meal worms.

*The Socialist Medical System forced my parents to pay the hospital $0 for the operation and 2 nights accommodation. The examinations and pathology was that much again.
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Angelina's Leg

There's civil war in Syria and H-Bombs in Iran
Everyone's forgotten that we're still in Afghanistan
There's riot coppers in St Paul's clearing out the tents
And religious nutters in the States who could be President
The planet Earth is warming and deforming and cracking like an egg
But apparently the biggest story in the world is Angelina's leg.

On Tuesday everyone was bugging out
Because she wore a sexy outfit to the Oscars
Like that's not been done before
Apparently that merits our attention
I don't know why she didn't adopt another orphan
She'd have showed a bit of thigh
Is it really front page news or news at all at all? The question must be begged:
It's not as though she got them out and flashed. She just showed a bit of leg.

So we're climbing down into the news barrel and scraping out the dregs
Just ignore the war and poverty and get a load of Angelina's leg.

Mitch Benn. The Now Show.