October 18th, 2011


That kind of day

At 10am I listened to the 45kw motor struggling to start, just before the soft-starter tripped out. "The generator isn't big enough," I said.

I was reassured that it was, and would be plenty big enough, and all the problems we were having were because the system was faulty.

At 4pm one of the electricians watched the generator as the pump started: Volts dropped from 415 to 200, available amps fell from 160 to 2.

"The generator's not big enough," said the electrician. a bunch of engineers nodded sagely. "I thought that may be the case all along," said one. The others agreed; "Yeah," "Thought so."

It's been That Kind Of Day.

I spend o\tomorrow in the air and in terminals. yay.

I think I'll go to the pub.
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