October 17th, 2011


Terminal 3, Gate 7

Screw you Qantas and your "$5/hr UNLIMITED BROADBAND!" I'll use my 3G dongle and Firefox Private Browsing so you CAN'T HIJACK MY FRIGGING SESSION and INSIST my home page is your WiFi Everywhere log in page.

I arrived at Dubbo Terminal at 11am, and had a moderately priced coffee and a boring sausage roll ($7.50). Boarding was at Gate 2 (the other gate is gate 1, which is in the same room and dumps you onto the same tarmac)

It was a good flight down in the little Dash 8, made even better by having an empty seat nest to me, which was nice. Those little fluffy clouds are very pretty from above but incredibly bumpy to fly through as the plane descended. The plane came in from the North, and I got a photo of a bridge with some sort of cultural building behind it, and a business district with some tall buildings on the edge of a lake or big river or harbour or something.

So I am now at Gate 7, having wandered all over Terminal 3 and eaten a ridiculously priced chicken wrap and cappuccino ($13.75). Nothing eventful so far, except that my Dr Grordort's Satchel with its metal ray-gun badge caused some consternation at the x-ray.

The flight to Brisbane is in 30 minutes. I'd like to use the Qantas lounge, which is a very civilized way of coping with airports, but at $800 to join +$440 per year it's a little expensive. In the meantime I shall occupy myself by watching the fans on a 767 windmill in the breeze.

Terminal D, Gate 1

Made it to Brisbane. Flight was moderately uneventful. The crying baby was silent, which made it nice for everyone. In flight entertainment on the 737 was bad; the only screens were a row of small TVs along the center-line of the ceiling. It showed The News, then a 30 minute Qantas-sponsored travel ad, then old episodes of Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. I flicked through the radio channels until I found one playing Steve Miller Band, and stuck with that.
The food was... not food. A small zucchini and lentil dip with too much lemon and pepper, plus 4 x 2cm x 2cm crackers doesn't even make a snack. In-flight drinks were cold. I had a small can of James Squires Golden ale. It was okay, but would have been better if it were server at sea level. Or colder than "slightly above cold."
Or not in a can.
Or a plastic cup.

The Dash 8 to Gladstone is late.


And so I arrive. The nearest vacant accommodation is in Bororen, 50km south. And Avis have rented me a Mitsubishi Pajero.

It's HUGE! It is easily the largest vehicle I have ever driven. I will appreciate the Lexus even more when I return home on Wednesday.

Early start tomorrow. blegh.
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