April 30th, 2011


Around The World In 80 Beers episode 28: Brok Lager

No photos yet. I can't get them off the memory card of my camera until I buy a reader.

Brok is another Polish pale Eurolager.

Pours a pale clear amber. A fair bit of bubble. medium head that fades slowly. There is a lot of gas rising up through the beer.

First sip: Mild mild malt, a bit grainy. Very faint hops. Unusually sweet taste bit a mid-dry finished.

Mouth feel is a bit thin with strong carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Ingredients says maltose syrup has been added. This would be the source of the sweetness, which became more noticeable as the glass became emptyer and the beer became warmer. It is a better lager than Zywiec. Another good hot day outside the pub lager but nothing special.

Brok Export
Koszalin Brewery, Warszawa, Poland (no website)
5.2% alc/vol

Same again, Sir? Do you have anything else? No? Okay, another one please.

Around The World In 80 Beers episode 29: Baltika #3 Classic Lager

Baltika #3 Classic Lager is the Famous Beer Of Russia. Brewed in Sydney, dammit. I hate that.

Baltika No.3

The beer pours a very pale slightly cloudy amber with a medium head that fades rather fast to a thin ring. Lots of carbonation.

First Sip: Malty, sweet and slightly hoppy. A very faint bitterness builds on the back of the tongue.

The sweetness does become more noticeable as the beer warms slightly. If the beer brewed in St Petersberg is better than this beer brewed in Sydney, then it would be an excellent lager. As it is,It's nothing special. It is a nice session beer, where you could settle in with some mates and a carton, and watch the football, (Soccer, League, Rugby or NFL) or a movie on the telly.

Baltika #3 Classic Beer
Pivzavod Baltika / Baltic Beverages Holding
(Brewed under licence by Independent Breweries, Sydney)
4.8% alc/vol

Baltika No.3

Same again, Sir? Yes.