April 2nd, 2011


Quest for Beer Episode 21: Menabrea 1846

Menabrea 1846 Birra is brewed in Italy, somewhere between Milan and Torino and at the feet of the Alps. Which is nice.

Menabrea 1846

This lager pours a pale, clear gold - but not as pale as Nastoro. The head is white and medium sized, which fades to a small head. There is quite a lot of carbonation bubbling up through the body of the beer.

First sip: Nice! very faint malt, with a noticeable grain sweetness of Maize. There is a fizzy tingle on the tongue. A full but light mouth-feel, smooth, and a nice, low hoppiness that fades slowly to leave a crisp dryness.

Shame about the grain, but it's not a bad taste. If you're going to bugger up the mash with grain, then maize is a good choice. Or a least worse choice.

I like this lager! I can see myself at an outdoors table in front of a trattoria in Tuscany or at the feet of the Alps, chatting with friends and enjoying a late afternoon while the ancient church bells ring in the sunset.

Still, shame about the maize.

Menabrea 1846
Menabrea Birra S.p.A (Flash and pop-up warning)
5.1% alc/vol

Menabrea 1846

Same Again, sir? Yes please.
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