March 15th, 2011


Quest Pt15: Old Fart

I ran out of Asian Beers, so have a random English beer.

Old Fart

Happy Birthday makovette!

This beer pours a very dark amber, almost bronze colour. There is very little carbonation, and develops a very small creamy head that fades slowly.

First sip: No fizz, but is doesn't taste flat. Mild,very malty, slight but lingering hops bitterness.There's a sort of burnt sugar/caramal-y/toffee-y taste lurking behind the malt. Tastes heavy but quite refreshing as a normal proper English beer should. It's not a great English beer, but it'll do. It's a yummy beer.

Old Fart
Merrimans Brewery, Leeds, Yorkshire
5.0% alc/vol

Old Fart

Same again, Sir? Indeed! And perhaps a scampi and chips to go with it.
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