February 24th, 2011


The Quest Pt8: Tiger Lager

Still in Asia, and wondering if the disappointment will continue.

Pours a clear gold, with medium head that fades slowly. The first sip: mild carbonation, mild maltiness with a very faint hoppiness that builds to a nice, crisp dryness. It is quite a smooth, mild-tasting beer; a very easy to drink lager.

*This* is the one to wash down meals, not that horrible Tsingtao. Oh hey! Tiger has a blog! "Feb 24, consumed by a short fat bastard. He was not disappointed and relieved to not drink a horrible beer!" This is a nice, mild beer. Nothing great or special or outstanding, but not one to avoid.

Tiger Lager
Asia Pacific Brewing (Flash Warning)
5% alc/vol


Same again, sir? Yes! And bring a curry.