February 9th, 2011


Quest pt3: Monteith's Golden Lager

I opened this one with great expectations. Monteith's Black and the Summer Ale are yummy. Would this one be just as good?


Erm... no.

The lager poured into the glass with some carbonation and a smallish head that clung to the glass. Nice amber colour!.

First sip impressions: slightly fizzy, foamy on the tongue. A little malt taste comes through, almost a little sweetness but not much. Very mellow hops; very mellow, almost non-existent. It is, however, highly drinkable and makes a good Hot Day drink.A six-pack would go down well at a bbq. The bottle went down easily.

Bugger... A Monteiths that isn't excellent. It was only better than average.

Golden Larger
Monteith's Brewing Co
5.0% Alc/Vol


Same again, sir? I wouldn't say no.