February 1st, 2011


Quest pt2: Steinlager.

Today is stinking-hot -- it's 6pm and cooled down to 39C. I think I could go for a beverage.


Unlike Tui, Steinlager pours to a good head that fades slowly and clings to glass. First sip is slightly fizzy, and has a slight grainy maltiness. Then the hops kick in and lingers on the back of the tongue.

This brew has a nice tingly feel and the hops are not overwhelming. It's a good beer for a very hot day, if the beer is very cold. Well, both conditions were met, which might explain why the first half glass went rather fast with no struggling. I'm a slow drinker and yet the pint was gone in less than half an hour. At no time did I regret this or wonder if I'd finish the bottle. I'd happiy stock my fridge with this -- but not only this. I can't see myself as an exclusive Steinlager drinker. Tooheys New is similar and cheaper (but a bit pissier).

Owned by Lion Nathan. How does a company that produces piss like XXXX and Speight's make a beer this good-ish?

Lion Nathan
4.8% Alc/Vol


Same again, sir? Yes, I'd say this is a yummy beer.

That's a big cyclone

Cyclone Yasi, currently a cat4 and heading for Cairns. It is currently moving at 18 knots and increasing in strength Landfall will be about midnight on Thursday.

This will be a bad one.
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Cyclone Yasi

So you can visualise the size of this cyclone...

In the satellite photo the cloud cover stretches from the southern tip of New Guinea to the northern tip of New Caledonia.That's 1130-ish miles. Open Google Earth, select the Ruler and, starting at the southern tip of Florida, draw a line North for 1130 miles.


Start at London and draw a line 1820km across Europe and down the length of Italy.

That's the area the cloud from Yasi covers.The actual cyclonic area is 500km across.