January 29th, 2011


The Quest. It begins!

The Quest has started in New Zealand, with four beers I've never had. I've avoided Steinlager because it's what yuppie bogans drank when I lived in Sydney in the 80s, so I never drank it.

Tui is one I've heard Bad Things About but I need to decide for myself.

The two Monteith's beers I'm sure are yummy because everything I've tried from that brewery so far, is yummy.

The Dan Murphy's had quite a few other NZ beers but I've tried them before -- I still have some bottles of Montheith's Black and Summer Ale in the fridge. They even have six-packs of Speight's, but I have no desire to subject myself to that again. Ever.

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Quest: Tui East India Pale Ale


Tui East India Pale Ale pours into the glass with a little fizz, and a small head that disappears quickly. It looks very dark in the glass; certainly not looking like an IPA. A quick perusal of the Tui page on Wikipeadia tells me the company is in trouble for calling it an IPA when it is, in fact a pale lager.

First sip: little carbonation and almost no hop taste, like an inferior tasteless Newcastle Brown. It is most definitely not IPA, or even an East Indian Pale Ale. Tui is slightly fruity reminding me of a dry cider. By the half way mark I was wondering if I wanted to finish the glass. I did, but I'm glad I only bought one bottle and not a six-pack -- I didn't want another one. I notice the bottle is stamped Best Before Aug 10. I can't imagine the beer being any better than it is now.

Tui East India Pale Ale
DB Breweries (Flash, alas!)
4% Alco/vol


Same again, sir? No thanks.