December 11th, 2010

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So there's been a bit of rain.

Rather a lot, actually.

It caused this

The Daily Telegraph

All the major shopping centres along Macquarrie St are closed due to flooded car parks and water getting into basement substations. This includes the only cinema in town so no new releases for you.

Dubbo is effectively cut in two with just the single carriageway LH Ford bridge linking the halves. A few houses have been evacuated but there is very little personal property loss. A couple of companies are in trouble, especially the landscape supplier - he saw all his stock and equipment go under 6 feet of water. Lake Burrendong is now at 150% capacity -- up from 2% this time last year -- and the dam is releasing 3500 megalitres a day and the lake is still rising.

The biggest problem by far is the traffic. The LH Ford bridge is the only open bridge in western NSW. All traffic is being funnelled through that one choke point. Traffic is horrendous. And to make matters worse the roads locals would use to avoid the traffic are also flooded, so come 5pm the town is almost in gridlock.

It's all only temporary. Today is sunny blue skies without a cloud.

But the mozzies are HUGE.
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