March 10th, 2010


See EMIly Play

Pink Floyd are suing EMI

"...EMI contend that the sale of individual tracks from albums "only applies to the physical product and does not apply online". "

Piracy hurts the artists, but not paying them for their work because it's a digital sale doesn't?
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Sub-total recall

I'm seeing a lot of Prius Hate online at the moment -- more than what Jeremy Clarkeson says. Based on comments I've seen on other journals, my choice of car makes me a stupid, idiotic, ill-informed, tree-hugging wannabe environmentalist who drives a death trap.

Total number of Prius recalled in Australia = 210
Total number of Prius affected by brake problems in Australia = 0
The brake problem is an issue with ABS on ice and snow conditions.

And about that acceleration...
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