December 28th, 2009


What cheeses me off


I buy a game I want to play and I have to register on line. I'm okay with that. But When a game I want to play requires Steam, I can't play it without being connected. I don't play games online; the connection here is poor. It is slow, and it drops out occasionally, like when there is a really heavy summer thunderstorm.

Oh no! The internet has gone out again, I'll play a game instead. SORRY! The game you paid for and installed on your systems and you have the original disks for WON'T WORK because you need the bloody internet to play games on your pc.

So I buy Empire Total War. Oh goody! I'll install that. Oh,need to register it, no problem. Bugger, it's a Steam account. Right! Installed, Registered, Verified and now I'll... wait SIX FRIGGING HOURS while Steam decides the new game I bought needs to be updated. I didn't ask for updates. I don't want special services available to online users. I just want to play a game, dammit, and I want to play it on my PC at any time I bloody well want to play.

And the worst part is I'm installing it on my laptop. The laptop I will be using when I go to remote areas, so I'll have something to do.

You know, those remote areas with NO INTERNET.

Can't help feeling ripped off.