December 6th, 2009



So, 2,500 km of driving has been done. I note the following

Fuel economy is 5.3 l/100km (18.87 km/l, 53.3mpg, 44.38mpUSg) under my style of driving. I could get better if I drive like an old fart. I get this economy alone or if the car is full of people.

Single CD player is a bit of a peeve. I know the car is the base model, but how much extra would a 6-stacker CD player add to the cost?The sales guy said he could add one at the time I bought the car but he'd have to sell me the full sat nav/ blue tooth set to give me the better CD player. That was a $4k upgrade.

A/C runs even when the petrol motor is off. I like that.

Still waiting for the automatic transmission gear change bump the CV tranny doesn't have.

Biggest peeve: there is nothing that gives me a reading of how the petrol engine is doing beyond the "Oh no, something is wrong!" light. Not even a temperature gauge.

On the whole, I'm happy with the car.
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