September 3rd, 2009


Decisions, decisions Pt2

New Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch: $44k
Local dealer has a demo TDCi Sedan (not hatch) for $34k Not bad. I don't care if it's a hatch or sedan. But it's black, which is a pain to keep clean and will get very hot in Summer. No second hand Mondeos available.

Gen3 Prius iTECH: $50k (yikes)
Local dealer has a new G2 Prius base model (not iTECH) on a run-out deal for <$40k It's white, too!
They also have a silver 2nd hand Gen2 with 50,000km behind it for $23k

Prius' here only come in 2 models: Base, and iTEC with everything.

The majority of my driving is in towns, but I do often do long country runs. Hmm...


Last night at 11.30pm a major substation in town blew and plunged the entire city into darkness. Not just Dubbo, but the entire North-West of the state.

On only warranted a mention on the local news.

Of course, when the Sydney CBD blacked out it was national news. A quarter of the state going dark for half the night... well, that's only the country.