May 14th, 2009

What Rabbit?

Escape diary Day 75


I spent the night struggling with the bricks under the gate and finally dislodged one. Digging was easy after that, and by dawn I was in the front yard. Not long after sunrise I hid in the garden and watched as the guards looked for me. They can't see me and think I'm still under the dog kennel. Ha! Then one of them carefully blocked my escape tunnel with a massive paving tile. They locked me out! They have now left the compound deserted, and I have the day of freedom to sample the soft grass and weeds in the front yard.

What Rabbit?

Escape Diary Day 75 - Additional

HA! It's sunset and I am still outside. One of the guards came back to the compound not long ago. He scanned the yard but I am hiding in the garden. He thinks I am still inside.

*edit* In fact I *know* he thinks I am still in the compound. I can hear him filling the food bowl with the chewy lucerne pellets. HA! HAHA!



*edit* the paving tile used to block the escape hole is very heavy and I can't move it.