April 4th, 2009



I met Peggy Rismiller! dmmaus may have met Jane Goodall, but *I* met Australia's top echidna expert! Peggy came here in the mid 80s on two 1/2 grants; 1/2 a grant to study tigre snakes, and 1/2 a grant to study echidnas. That's one grant to study a live-bearing reptile and an egg-laying mammal. One echidna she has been following in the wild is at least 40 years old. I asked her if she thought the echidna genome will be as odd as the platypus genome. She said she did think that, but no one is as yet working on decoding the DNA. Why? There's no money in it.

I picked up her notes on Tachyglosus rescue, rehab and raising. I feel much more confident and ready for my next puggle.