April 3rd, 2009


Here's a thought

Maybe I should get a Twitter account to tweet rescues and short critter updates.

"Picked up peewee from local scool. Attacked by crows."

"Peewee died."

That sort of thing. There are a LOT of rescues I don't write about here because that is about the level of detail they need. Pick up animal. It dies.
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Dr Death


A member of the public has just handed me a kestrel he found on the side of the road. The little hawk has a smashed wing and the right eye socket is broken. If it survives the night, I'll take it to the zoovets tomorrow. No hope for this one.
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Much Monotremage

Tomorrow morning I head off the the Zoo to spend a day with Peggy Rismuller, the echidna lady. She is one of the few people actually studying echidnas, and is coming to town to give a talk on the animals.

I'm rather excited about this. And Bob will be there, too.