March 14th, 2009

happy den

Updated to do list

Contact Snoopa about Internet Connection
Wait for Snoopa to be bothered to contact me about moving the wireless mast
Contact Telstra- get them to test for ADSL availability.
Get Internet Connection
Buy Fridge (stop living out of an esky full of ice)
Buy Washing Machine
Wait fir fridge and washing maching delivery
Connect TV to amp and speakers
Set up stereo
Set up DVD and PVR
Unpack CDs
Install Weather Station
Set up wind speed/diection monitor
Hang old maps on walls.
Set up Weber Smoker
Buy Meat to smoke

Buy more meat to smoke.
Locate source of apple wood.
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bloke genes


I tell you what, smoked pork sausages are brilliant on fresh cheese&bacon rolls.

The sausages were just pork, finely minced and stuffed into casings. No additional anything, just more pork and some fat.

I used the water pan on the middle shelf to stop them drying out. The new neighbours noticed the cooking. I think the smell brought them out.