February 9th, 2009


Let down by man-boobs

9.30am Tomorrow I have to go for a mamogram, ultrasound and biopsy. Dr Nelson-Marshall (Certified Diving Medical Examiner and member of the Australasian Aeronautical Medical Association) has pre-booked a surgeon just in case. I see her again on Thursday to look at the films. She felt my neck and armpits but declared that I didn't have any glands. She was having a little trouble with Word, and has hitting the space bar to get the curser accross the page.

"Hit the tab key," I said.

She looked at me in suprise, then looked at the keyboard. "This one?"


She hit the key and the curser jumped to the right place on the page. "I never knew that!" she said happily. I also showed her how to set tab marks and how to move them.

I've been let down by my manboobs.

(Kato: I won't be at work tomorrow)
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