September 8th, 2008


TAC Forums are down, so I'll post this here

For the five you you who still read Bugs, I haven't updated this week because I rendered myself into a corner. The script says Fly enters the A/C. No problem, I thought, until I actually started to compose the scene.

The A/C the Bugs are on is a hollow shell. It has no guts. To show Fly's adventures, I now have to build the interiors of the A/C.


Maybe not. I have to think about this.

Petrolhead Happiness

The bloke in the shed next door is moving out. For the first time I got to see up close the old car he is restoring: a 1964 Mk 10 Jaguar.

Only 1200 were exported from England. Only 7 in Australia had a manual gearbox. This one is the only one that also had electric overdrive.

The interior still needs a lot of work, but the engine (a 3.5litre V6) runs. The exterior is off to the painters to be brought back to the original gunmetal grey. This time next year the car will be finished.

Photos to come.