June 8th, 2008

Found stuff

Quite Interesting

QI, hosted by Stephan Fry, with Alan Davis and various other guests. (YouTube, each episode broken into 3 parts.) A panel quiz show where the most interesting answer gets as many points as the correct answer. (Not for the easily offended.)

I like it. It's my early evening watching when nothing is on the telly. I got through series A in a week.

Stephen Fry: Chocolate is quite toxic. For us the lethal dose is about 27 pounds.
Jo Brand: 27 pounds? That's nothing!


Rich Little: What's the national bird of England?
SF: I- I don't know!
Jo Brand: The national bird for women is the thrush.
Alan Davis: And for men it's the cock.
Phil Kay: Cock and thrush? That sounds like the name of a pub.