June 7th, 2008


Currently In Care

The smallest pigeon dies during the week. It had some sort of bone disorder that caused its leg to break really easy, and it never really flew properly. I think it just gave up. The other baby and the concussed pigeon that were moved into the flight aviary were released this morning. The concussed bird was no longer concussed, and went as soon as the door was opened. The little pigeon is walking around the cage, occasionally walking into the yard to pick at seed, and doing short flight excursions to the house and back through the open door.

Peewee has been moved from the small hospital cage to the big one to give him more flapping room. The flight feathers are starting to grow on his wing.

Kookaburra is still in the same cage and it thoroughly pissed off at me. He won't eat so I have to force his beak open and slide a thawed mousicle over his tongue and into his crop, where I then have to 'tamp' it down with a finger so he has to swallow instead of spitting it out. He hates this and I'm not too keen on it either. My hands are covered with a myriad of little cuts and nicks inflicted by his sharp beak. I'm allergic to liquid antiseptics like Dettol so I have to wash with a diluted bleach solution, and it stings a bit. And then it's time for Savlon and bandaids. I'll move him into the flight cage when little pigeon has abandoned it as a night roost. The good news is that he is throwing up the occasional cast of fur and bones, therefore his digestion is working properly. The flight cage is over-run with mice looking for spilled pigeon seed, and I hope he starts to hunt them.

Dear Amazon.com

"Will there ever be an Amazon.com.au in Australia? There are a lot of products I want that will not ship outside the USA. I have the same problem buying from amazon.co.uk"

Thanks for writing to us at Amazon.com.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced and I do understand your concern. We're always glad to learn of new opportunities to grow our business internationally. As you may know, we now have websites throughout the world. You can see a full list at: http://www.amazon.com/international At this time, however, we have not determined a marketing direction in "Australia".

I wonder if they thought I made up the country's name. And their list of international sites doesn't help; I already knew that and it doesn't answer my question at all.
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