October 10th, 2007


Peewee, Puggle

Peewee has decided he is not a baby and is trying to perch instead of crouching in the nest. He still screams for FOOD THIS INSTANT! I can tell how hungry he is judging by his reaction to Polly: if she flicks an ear and he begs for food, he's very hungry.

Speaking of hungry, Snorkle has put on 5 grams since yesterday which makes him 10g lighter than when I got him. It is quite possible he will survive.

Plastic spoon!

PLASTIC SPOON! Snorkle slurped down 5g off a plastic spoon! That's a shade less than 7% of his body weight. He should be drinking 10%, but it's a VAST improvrment over what he was drinking. The little hollows under his ribs are little bulges.

Hooray for fresh ICBINEM and plastic spoons.