July 4th, 2007


Happy Birthday

If I get one more spam telling me to celebrate my nation's birthday and that I should be a good patriot, I will use colourful language.

In other news, Happy Birthday, Yanks. If it wasn't for you blokes kicking the British out they wouldn't have come here. And we'd be French. Not that there is anything wrong with being French, it's just that Australia wouldn't be what it is today: a post-colonial backwater in Southern Asia.


Found stuff

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'al-Qaeda' puts on big shoes, red nose, takes custard pie

"To recap: an exceptionally incompetent group of troublemakers, unknown to the plods or spooks, decided to bring a spot of terror to old Blighty starting last Friday. These people had no actual explosives, and were apparently too lazy and ignorant to learn how to make them. Instead, they decided to load cars with petrol, domestic gas cylinders and "containers holding nails", and then set fire to them - either manually or using a cellphone-initiated remote rig of some kind."

Vista Question

Okay, all you clever geeks, I have a problem.

New Toshiba laptop with Vista. Want to connect it to the office network (LAN And/Or Wireless) Can see the network, can't connect. Any idea how to do this? How do I change the Workgroup? In XP there is an option to connect to the Internet via a connection that is always on. Where is that in VISTA?

How the hell do you OPERATE Vista, anyway. It seems to work on a need-to-know system that the user doesn't need to know.