January 15th, 2007

Mad Science


I usually don't get excited about things like iPODS and such, but I like the iPHONE. I can see a lot of use in this thing, especially for the company guys who are on the road all the time and need email/web/phone connections (I'll have to put a filth-filter on Pat's to keep him away from the XXX sites). So I rang Apple Australia to see when they are releasing the iPHONE here.

They're not.

At least, they not releasing the iPHONE until they get assurances from Telstra that the iPHONE will be supported by whatever network is in place - CDMA or 3G - and at the moment Telstra has made no reply apart from telling Apple Aust "We'll look into it."

The bloke I spoke to said he was doubtful Telstra would let another competitor into the market to use the 3G network they sell phones for. "If that's the case," said the fellow at Apple, "Apple will have to set up its own network."

Sign me up.
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