November 25th, 2006


Poor Pup

I just got back from the Vet. Polly was having a great time at the park tonight, chasing birds and the ball. It all came to a crashing end when she dashed into a pile of dead bushes. She yelped and backed out, pawing at a long stick poking out of her mouth. She managed to pull it from he mouth, and blood began pissing out. She ran to me in a panic and looked at me, almost like she wanted me to make the pain stop. I couldn't. Poor pup.

She is at the vet's now. He has to knock her out to suture her tongue closed. To examine her, he grabbed her jaws and forced her mouth open. He even stuck his fingers in but she didn't even growl. When he locked her in a recovery cage she looked worried but settled down.

She's a good dog.


The vet just called. He has examined Polly and decided the cut would heal on its own, without sutures. He'll keep her in over-night and give me a call tomorrow at 9 so I can pick her up. She has a temperature right now and will need antibiotics for a few days.

So. Whew.
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