October 13th, 2006


Mystic Echidna

I was visited by the Mystic Echidna this morning, just before the alarm woke me.

I was wandering through a field covered in short soft grass that was wet with dew. Dotted about the field were tussocks of reed mace and low termite mounds. Walking in front of me was an echidna, pottering about from mound to mound and leaving a trail in the grass. The bat clinging to me pointed a wing at her and she - and I know it was a she just by looking at her, despite the best scientists not being able to tell the sex without disection or DNA sampling (and monotreme sex chromosomes are a whole other bucket o' weirdness I won't go into. X, Y, and K chromosomes, in 5 pairs. Or is that 10? 12?) - She turned to look at me and I saw her skin and fur were white, but her spines were normal colours. She really looked at me, not the usual echidna-like vague squinting Did That Shape Move?

Then the alarm woke me. ursulav gets Mother Terapin. I get Mystic Monotremes.

Tonight is a rest night as far as slurpage goes. In the wild the female are be away from the burrow fo up to 3 days, so it's not good to give puggles a big feed every night. Puggle's weight is up to 249g tonight, that's a 14g increse from last night.