October 12th, 2006


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A frog goes into a bank to borrow some money for a holiday. As he goes up to the teller he notices her name is Patricia Wak. "Excuse me, Ms Wak," says the frog. "I'd like to borrow some money."

Patricia looks at the frog for a while. "Riiiiight," she says at last as she gets the forms. "Could I have your name?"

"Kermit Jagger," says the frog. "My dad is Mick Jagger. He knows the Manager so it'll be okay."

Patricia writes this down. "And do you have any collateral?" Kermit holds up a tiny porcelain elephant. Patricia takes the elepaht and says "I'll go see the manager." Once inside, she tells the manager what's happening, finishing with "... and all he has this this thing." She shows the manager the tiny elephant. "What the hell is this anyway?"
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