October 6th, 2006



Yesterday the bag of Biolact arrived, and I mixed up a batch. Puggle was difficult as usual, blowing bubbles, struggling and curling and getting more milk on the outside than in him. After ten minutes of fighting the puggle relaxed in a snooze with his nose resting in the dish. I waited for him to wake and resume struggling... wait. What was that? I peered at the dish, and through the creamy biolact I could see a long pink tongue snaking around. Puggle woke, and with a couple of quick gulps, emptied the dish. He immediately began snuffling around the dish, the towel and my hands, looking for milk. For the next 20 minutes I dribbled Biolact into the palm of my hand* and the puggled slurped it up.

10 grams! That's more than the last three nights feeds combined. I stopped while he was still a little hungry. I didn't want to over-fill him, especially after a week on the wrong food. The carer from Orange who had him before me only had Divetalact, which the puggle didn't like much, and I fed him the Zoovet's mix (Divetalact, thickened cream & olive oil) of which he drank a little. Looks like Biolact is the stuff preferred by 9 out of 10 echidnas. I Can't Believe It's Not Echidna Milk, indeed.

*Simulated Echidna Mammaries.


Looks like I'm about to buy a second-hand 2003 model Toyota Camry "Sportivo."

It's a white one!

oh, and it has a 3 litre V6, atuo transmission, and some other thingies. The dealer wanted to give me $2,000 for the old camry. I think I'll give that to Mum.

looks like it's time for a ROAD TRIP!