October 4th, 2006


Offence Intended, I'm sure

"No offence intended, but who's that brain-dead fuck you have working at the truck wash?"

Yes, I know who you mean. He's the one who told you to piss off when you arrived un-announced and proceeded to wash your car with our gear without asking, and holding up a road-train that wanted to pay us to get washed. He's the one you threatened with sacking because you're the boss' son. He's the one who told you to do what you like because he doesn't work for your dad, he works for me. He's the one you tell everyone arrives drunk and drinks on the job, both of which are not true. He's the one you threatened to give a black eye to. He's the one I know for sure will not have the black eye, when it come time to hand out black eyes. He will probably also have working knee-caps, too.

Bogans begat bogans. Wealth does not cancel out boganage. Having a wealthy dad does not make you less of a thug, you mean-spirited little prick.