September 12th, 2006


Bad dreams

The stress of finishing an essay on IT ethics must have really got to me. Last night's memorable dream was of me mishandling a blue toungue lizard, resulting in the lizard's death from buckets of blood from every oriface, and scathing criticism from a Famous Zoo Keeper. The FZK was just a generic zoo keeper who didn't have a name, not Steve Irwin, although he was a little Irwinesque. What a crappy way to start the day.
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A nice surprise

Mum was pottering about in the front garden just now (you didn't think I did all the fowers in the garden, did you?) pulling out weeds and such, when she came across a strange round rock half buried in the dirt. She dug it out and was atounded to discover she was holding a turtle. But not just A turtle; it was Shelley! Looks like she didn't get too far after her escape, and simply found a quiet place to burrow in for the winter. Mum says the silicone is still in place, but the crack in her shell is almost invisible.


Turtle's shell is still a little weak, but it's nothing some new sillicone and 6 month's R&R won't fix. Their metabolism is slow anyway, but the extra cold over winter almost shut down her healing process. The silicone kept her injury clean and dry while she was in the front garden.