July 22nd, 2006


Cranky Kookaburra

I have a young kookaburra in care. He's in the new cage that will, eventually, be given to the Peewee Mafia in spring. The kookaburra hates the cage and is really cranky.

I'm not sure what's wrong with him. There's no physical injury that I can find, but he's a little thin without being too thin. He was found sitting on the road and being cranky about it, then he was caught and shoved in a box, which improved his crankyness not at all. Now he is in the new cage and hating every minute of it. If I ever needed a poster-child for cranky, I'd use this kookaburra. I am almost tempted to say "Crikey! He's a bit stroppy!"

Tomorrow I'll take him out to H's. She has released the goshawk and will move the eagle into the large aviary, so that will leave her 3m x 3m cage free. I'm sure that will NOT impress the kookaburra but it will give him room to stretch.