March 6th, 2006

happy den

I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs

I suspected the baby blue-tongue lizard was still living in the garden, bit I had no way of knowing. I asked H. about this, and she suggested I make up the following mix and place it on a flat dish in the garden

1 tblespoon very finely chopped lettuce
1 tblespoon very finely chopped cucumber
1 tblespoon very finely chopped apple
1 tblespoon of mashed banana.

I put it out this morning, and just now I saw Polly run to the opposite side of the yard and start barking at the garden. When I looked I saw a tiny blue-tonue disappearing into an old mouse hole. It looks like the I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs is a hit with the blue-tongue residents. I hope I don't over-feed him to the point where he stops eating snails.

Apparently this mix is a hit with bearded dragons, too. I wonder if I can attract some into the yard.
Found stuff

Oh come ON! This is getting silly.

Now goannas produce venom.

And bearded dragons are venomous too. Not only that, the venom contains crotamine which is found in rattlesnakes.

The good news is the lizards don't have the venom delivery system found in snakes and gila monsters. They'll give you a nasty nip but that's about it. With goannas I'm more worried about the claws on their feet, as anyone should be after visiting a mate in hospital with 100 stitches in their back and head after having a frightened goanna run up them.

Will everyone please stop finding dangerous Australian animals? Pretty soon the only safe animals will be some of the sheep.