February 14th, 2006


Loch Ness Monster Inna Dish

Polly and Scruffy had finished their tinned meat by-products, and Polly went for a drink as she usually does. She put her nose in the bowl, then leapt vertically a good 3 feet, ran up to the back fence, turned and barked furiously at me. I had a real "What the...?" moment, and looked in the water dish.

A baby blue tongue lizard was swimming in there, wriggling around in the tepid water with its head above the surface very much like a micro-plesiosaur. The lizard is not more than 6" long, and even though the dish isn't very large it was certainly large enough for the baby to submerge in and emerge loch ness monster-like to frighten my poor dog.

Right now it's in a shoe box to dry out. Why the lizard was in the water is something only the lizard can answer. Hot? Thirsty? Cowabunga? The lizard merely huffs and hisses at me, pokes out its alarming blue tongue and declines to say more. Soon I'll free it into my garden so it can stomp its tiny way to mollusc carnage.