November 9th, 2005



This morning I opened the peewee's cage and let them go. The three little birds wandered around on the lawn for a few minutes, realised there were no bars and flew up into the sycamore. They were joined by the young blackbird I raised and released earlier. He'd hung around, begging for food and generally looking for a way back into the cage with the peewees.

At the moment they're testing their wings and getting used to the sudden space. I expect them to turn up tonight and start making "feed me" noises at me.

The three youngsters (plus one) aren't Made Birds yet. I fully expect the local mafia to start hunting them off soon. I'll provide protection if I can but that will only last for as long as they hang around the back door. After that, they're on their own.

So. Hooray!
happy den

Road Trip

This time tomorrow I'll be on my way to Sydney.

This time Friday I'll be on my way to London.

This time Monday I'll be on my way to Florence.

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So this is it...

Tomorrow I head off to Sydney, and on Friday I fly out. I might not have a chance to update while I'm O/S, but there will be updates and photos galore after December 1.

I'd like to meet up with my Pommy friends but the 10 days there will be tied up with business, a trainee, and old family friends. There will be a little touring, but only what can be done between factory sessions. I'd much prefer a longer trip, like about 4 weeks, at a better time of the year such as Spring, or early Autumn. So I'll have to see Siggy, Targaff and Tal next trip. I owe dharawal and azhreia a Road Trip to Melbourne and Tasmania first.