November 1st, 2005


That Hallowe'en... thingy

Oh yeah. It's time for that hallowe'en thingy in the North. There was a distinct lack of trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving around here, despite the flood of US shows and websites trying to tell me otherwise.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it should happen at the end of April, and today is equivalent of May Day. So happy November Day!


I had to leave the two trainees working alone while I went offsite for some tools. As I got into the car I gave them some instructions, and added to the end "And no mad science."

They looked at me in shock. "What?" said Aaron.

"No mad science," I repeated.

"When you say 'No mad science...'" began Ryan, but I cut him off.

"No mad science!"

They looked at each other for a moment. "Yeah but what if--" they began talking at once, miming robots and giant, crushing jaws.

I had to be firm. "NO MAD SCIENCE." I got into the car and wound down the window. "And what did I say about buttons?"

"Buttons aren't toys," they mumbled.

You have to be firm with minions, because if you're not they will go mad science on you the second you turn your back.


I called in at the local bottle shop on the way home to pick up a siz-pack of Bundy & Cola, and I noticed they were selling a new James Squire beer: Golden Ale. They also had a Little Creatures Pale Ale, so a grabbed a bottle of that and a six-pack of the Golden. I put the bundy and beer on the counter, the bloked scanned it and said "Twenty dollars."

He saw my look and said "Twenty for the Bundy."

"What about the beer?" I asked.

"We'er trying to get rid of that."

"How much?"

"Nothing. We're giving it away."

I fear I had a Homer moment, for a moment. I didn't want to appear greedy so I didn't go freezer diving.

The Golden Ale is very yummy. It's mildly fizzy, shightly hoppy and very drinkable. It is a Yummy Beer. I shall return tomorrow and buy another sixpack. Or three.

The Little Creature's Pale is a bit fizzy, a bit too hoppy and a little too tasteless. I'm glad I only got one bottle. A beer that costs nothing isn't free if you have a fridge-full you can't drink.
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