June 10th, 2005

happy den

Well fed

Tonight we had a meal on the company credit card.

Mum & Dad, me, Steve the engineer from the UK, and our welder and Mrs Welder went to the Hereford (used to be The Crow's Nest) above the Pastoral Hotel. I ordered a Surf & Turf: scotch fillet covered in prawns and garlic sauce. I asked for medium instead of my usual medium-rare. Just as well, really. The welder ordered his steak rare and I've seen cows recover from worse injuries.

I ended up with this pile of prawns, half a ship-load I think, and under that was a soft brown slab that turned out to be the steak. It was all covered in a nice creamy garlic sauce. I went to work. The prawns went down well, then I started on the steak. After 10 minutes of stuffing meat into my face I realized the steak was on a layer of potoato wedges, and there was salad. The chips were a nice surprise, but I wasn't interested in the plants. I firmly believe that animals is how we kept food fresh before refrigerators were invented. Salad isn't really food.

So after half an hour of hacking and stuffing, I realised that if I ate all the meat I'd have no room for the chips. I actually left some meat behind! But the chips were very yummy; great big chunks of deep-fried potato. mmmm. I washed it all down with middies (1/2 pints) of Tooheys Old.

I wasn't going to have dessert, but how can you say no to a pear poach in red wine syrup? One pear poached in red wine syrup later I felt ready to explode.

Right now I feel bloated and have the hiccups, but bloody hell it was worth it.
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