April 22nd, 2005

happy den

Homeland Security

From a list I'm on:

"Last weekend I organised a treasure hunt for an 11-year-old's birthday party.
With all the clues in place, I headed to the beach to bury the pirate's
loot. Several hours later the kids were digging it up when the birthday
boy appeared with a business card he had found on top of the (chocolate)
gold coins. Had I included the note from the NSW Police? It turned out an
onlooker had observed me burying the chest, together with some giant
knives (a couple of plastic pirate swords) and called the authorities.
After I left, the police moved in to dig up the suspicious chest. Finding
only marshmallows and no weapons or decomposing body parts, they proceeded
to quietly rebury the treasure. They very kindly left their calling card,
signed 'We found it first.' They did, but we think they were cheating."
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happy den


Very late Bugs this week. I have to dash to Sydney for 3 days. Back on Monday.

And I think I might have found an artist to draw Nightlife. I can start the comic about Bats again!
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