April 1st, 2005


Currently In Care

The creature reared back on its hind legs, balancing on its tail like a kangaroo. It spread its arms and roared at me.


"SSSSSS!" hissed the dunnart. My hand got too close and it sank its fangs in, almost drawing blood.

"So what is it?" asked the vet. "At first I thought it was a mouse, but the way it was hanging off my cat's nose made me think again."

I examined the animal carefully, fearful that I'd injure the mouse-sized marsupial. Its tail wouldn't look out of place on a rat, but on this little beastie it looked out of place. "I think it's a fat-tailed dunnart," I said. The beast hissed again and opened its mouth, revealing sharp teeth from one end to the other. "Yep. Dunnart."

I'll keep him (her? the pouch is too small to see) for a few days to see if the cat did any internal damage. So now my desk sports a frog terrarium that contains a voracious carnivore. I am rapidly running out of meal worms.