March 5th, 2005


Call Of The Wild

I'm on Rescue Phone today. My first call today:

Caller: Do you trap birds?
Me: Only if they're injured, in danger or a threat.
C: I have an eagle who is a threat.
M: (Thinks: Hawk killing chickens) What sort of eagle?
C: A wedge-tail!
M: oh? How is that a threat?
C: The bastard is killing my Chihuahuas!
M: (stunned silence)
C: It dropped into my back yard and killed one of my dogs! I want you to get rid of it!

I took the details and, after I stopped laughing, phoned our raptor handlers in Trangie. I prefaced my explaination of the situation with "Now, don't laugh, ok?" and told him. After he stopped laughing he said the eagle must be VERY hungry to be attacking prey animals so close to houses. Apparently on the coast Very Small Dogs are lost to sea eagles and pelicans, but this is the first time I've heard first hand of it happening. The Raptor People in Trangie are going to organize trapping the relocating the bird.

I know I shouldn't laugh. I know the lady is traumatized by the eagle killing her pets. I know I'm being a cruel bastard and I feel guilty. But... an eagle killed and ate a Chihuahua. At least it was quick.

The only way this could be more amusing is if it was a poodle.
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